Input controls in SAP HANA Calculation Views with SAP Analytics Cloud, example for Stock calculations on a Keydate

I’ve faced a few times customers who wanted to use input controls with a SAP HANA live connection – And one of the main purpose of that was to launch their analytics for a specific keydate. Another interesting thing could be to use input controls to access real time for operational analytics, one of the many interesting feature of the SAP HANA Platform combined with SAP Analytics Cloud. To demonstrate this, we’ll be looking at a quite complex modelization issue, the stock levels coming from 3 different ECC systems merged into one SAP HANA platform. For this we’ll have to manually calculate the total stock value and stock movements. To simplify all the logic, we’ll create two views, one for the Total stock value for a specific date and one for the stock movements for that specific date.

Have a look at this video to understand how we did this.

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