Enabling Data Access Control on Models in SAP Analytics Cloud

Very often, I am facing customers who want to enable Data Access Control directly in SAP Analytics Cloud at the model level. Especially for planning models. One user, or one role for a specific country, or account, and another role, or user for another. This can be easily done in SAP Analytics Cloud and in this short video, I will show you how to set this up.

Please make sure that the user you are setting security to, does not have Admin rights. He will then be able to see all the data.

To sum up, you simply need to go to the model you want to enable with Data Access control and then select the dimension you want to add the data access control to. Then click on Preferences as shown below

You can now enable the data access control

Give read and write rights to your users or roles – Caution an Admin Role user will see all data.

You can now create a story on this model and your users will only see the data they are entitled to see.

For the admin :

For another user, only able to see EMEA Region :


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