Changing Live Data Connection in SAP Analytics Cloud from OnPrem to SAP Cloud Platform

In this short video, I will show you how to simply change your data source of a model in SAP Analytics Cloud from a HANA onPrem live connection to a SAP Cloud Platform connection.

First of all, we will have to copy the content (Table + Analytical View) of our HANA onPrem to the new SAP Cloud Platform system.

I have two connections to a HANA OnPrem system and a SAP Cloud Platform. My model and presentation is actually on my OnPrem system and let’s imagine that we have decided to switch our data source to a SAP Cloud Platform.

Next, you simply go to your model using the HANA OnPrem connection and edit your model.

Select the new system and data source

You will be warned that this might modify presentations using this model, but since the underlying data is the same we won’t have any problems.

Go back to your story and refresh the data, the presentation is now pointing on the SAP Cloud Platform data source.


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